WP系列10: google adsense approval and problem solving

今天收到邮件 google adsense 审核 本站 idehe.com 失败. 给了一个自查列表, 挺复杂的, 之后就按照排除法来慢慢优化把.

提示是政策违规, adsense的政策违规包含以下几个方面

Google 发布商政策分为以下几类:

  • 内容政策
  • 行为政策
  • 隐私相关政策
  • 要求和其他标准


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要自查, 又不说明原因, 感觉很难找出来问题. 找到一个检测工具, 尝试了一下, 打算按照他的提示慢慢解决问题:



  • 1. 需要添加相关页面, 这个可以自动生成, 倒是不难
  • 2. 增加 ads 的验证码, 这个其实应该是有的.
  • 3. 增加社交链接. 行的.

Essential pages could not be located – contact about privacy

Your site do not have essential pages. The essential pages that your site must have are – Contact, About and Privacy. These pages serve important functions in building trust and providing information to your audience.

  1. The Contact page enables users to reach out to you, fostering communication.
  2. Privacy ensures the protection of user data, which is crucial in today’s digital landscape.
  3. The About page offers insights into your identity and purpose, helping establish a connection with your audience.

These pages play a vital role in enhancing user experience and credibility for your website.

Verification Code is missing Not Found

We’ve not found verification header or meta code on your site, which Google AdSense uses to confirm your ownership of the site you’ve submitted for approval.

Site do not have Social Links Not Found

Your site do not have Social Links. Social Links are important for letting your visitors engage with your content. These links help people share your stuff and connect with your site, which can boost your online presence. So, make sure you use Social Links effectively to make your website more interactive and reach a wider audience.