WP系列8: move domain from godaddy to cloudflare

Cloudflare is the next infrastructure of the internet domain, with more cutting edge technologies. Let’s embrace it.

Export all the domain records from, you will get a .txt file

Import into cloudflare.

Switch the nameservers, enter the alternative nameservers into godaddy.

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Double Check Records

No need to change anything at the beginning, but doule check if all the records are imported or not.

Cloudflare lost my 4~-5 MX records, so I have to import than manually like this:

; MX Record
@	604800	 IN 	MX	10	aspmx.l.google.com.

Wait until edge certificate turn to ready.

The status will be active in a day.

And now double check everything is working probably or not, my problem is email can be sent out but can not be received.

Then you can further slowly change things on cloudflare.