[Energy] 黑狗

I had a black dog, his name was depression

  • 不要错过生命中精彩的事物,一旦你这样做,就会质疑生命的意义。Do not miss the wonderful things in the life, once you do so, you will question the meaning of your life.
  • 不要让黑狗一直伴随着你,他会长大制服你。要克服。Do not let the black not accompanying with you, he will grow up and take you over. Try to overcome it.
  • 每个人心中都有一条黑狗,他可能会不期而至, 与其害怕他不如勇敢拥抱他。There is a black dog in everyone’s heart, he will come one day. Rather afraid it, it is better to embrace it bravely.

方法 Methods:

  • 不要害怕寻求帮助,真心对待周围人,帮助和被帮助。Do not afraid of asking for help, be nice to everyone around you, help people and get helped.
  • 其他提到的方法,找到适合自己的办法,放空思想,坚持规律性的散步和锻炼,写心情日记。There are other methods mentioned, find the way suits yourself, quite your mind, keep regular walking or joggling.