[VPS] Woocommerce 社会化分享插件 Social Plugin Sumo Points and Rewards

We have a online store running wordpress with woocommerce, duing our holidays, we try to switch the simply “review for discount” function to “review, share for points” function.

Sumo points and rewards is a third party plugin only cost $30, but much more functional.

We have also tried woocommerce official plugin “points and review” cost $129, what is it not that good, let me explain why:

  1. only support “new” customer “first review”, so when customer make other reviews, he/she can not have rewards anymore.
  2. expensive plugin, and extra subscription yearly cost.
  3. Technical support by “ticket” system is very poor, I made a ticket, and I understand how the “first review” work as explained in the first problem for more than 12 days! How slow reply it is!

And well, sumo plugin is more cheaper and more powerful, let me review the function it has, and this is our setup:

Earn Points:

  • Get 1500 points for each product review you purchased.
  • Get 500 points for Facebook, Google+1 “like” and tweet message (via product “like” button).
  • Get 3000 points for referral registration and purchase (use referral link).
  • Get 2000 points after first time signup and purchase.

Notice the “like” to get point in product page, you must manually enable the social promotion option in product settings, or use “buck update” to set all products’ social promotion, otherwise the existing product will NOT work.

Use Points:

  • 1000 points for $1 saving when checkout.
  • Maximum up to 5% to use for purchase.
  • The spare points can be requested as cash back via paypal.