cart 14 – 十个最帅的以碳纤维为材料的单车设计

For the adventurous types, bicycles that do not stand the test of time are nothing but an annual expenditure. Even strong steel frames do not do the job for them as they choose terrains, where even an SUV gives up. Being a composite material, carbon fiber makes for the strongest bicycles frame in the market. Though, the carbon fiber bicycles are very expensive, it’s worth it in the long run, for carbon bicycle frames can withstand immense force from pedaling and are virtually indestructible. Have a look at some of the robust bikes made in carbon fiber.

DH Bike

dh bike 1_9i5cc_17621

Featuring the frame finished with aluminum and carbon fiber with a PC plastic body, designer Morteza Faghihi has popped up with a bike concept dubbed “DH Bike” that not just boasts a stylish and durable design but also meets the standard of UCI (Union Cycling International) and JIS dimension for size 26. Especially designed for DH racing, the futuristic bike touts better controls and more flexible suspension system. Read more

Chris Boardman’s solar-powered bicycle

carbon fiber bicycle_01

Loaded with modern technology, Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman’s new concept of the futuristic bicycle fulfills all that you ever longed for in your bike. The creation offers you safe parking with its computerized locking system, so only your fingerprints can unlock it. This hi-tech design also lets you know the amount of calories you lose while pedaling, on a mini screen embedded on its saddle. The strong and lightweight dream bicycle is made up of carbon fiber and incorporates puncture-proof tires. Read more

Nomad-c bike

santa cruz carbon fiber nomad c_01_xfy3f_17621

Swapping aluminum with carbon fiber, here is bike from Santa Cruz that is not only lightweight and easy to ride, but thanks to carbon fiber frame ensures durability as well. Dubbed the “Carbon Fiber Nomad-c,” the new bike reduces about 1.25 pounds, so you could even have an effortless ride on an uphill road. Read more

Lexus hybrid bicycle

lexus hybrid bicycle concept_01_sa7ho_22976

Set to be display as part of its sponsorship of the Great British Bike Ride, Japanese automaker Lexus has come up with a new hybrid bicycle concept that other than pedaling runs on a 240-watt electric motor powered by a 25.9-volt lithium battery pack, allowing a power ride without incorporating the engine. Read more

Delta7 Ascend

delta 7 ascend bike_shnnf_59

For the adventurous types, bicycles that do not stand the test of time are nothing but an annual expenditure. Even strong steel frames do not do the job for them as they choose terrains, where even an SUV gives up. The kind of ascendancy they target can only be trounced on Delta7’s latest offering, the Ascend bike. What makes it tougher than all others on display is the carbon-fiber usage which makes it ten times stronger than a conventional steel frame. Read more

Nishiki concept bike

nishiki concept bike_3_ypwcv_69

The Nishiki Urban Commute Concept by industrial designer Fredrik Rudenstam is a bike for the talented rider who wants bicycles to have all those features currently available in motorcycles. The carbon fiber concept bicycle is equipped with a lithium-ion battery to ease uphill rides. Read more

Urban Street Concept Bike

cube collapsible carbon bike concept

It is a collapsible bicycle by Cube called the Urban Street Concept Bike (USC). A student at the University Coburg/Germany, Gregor Dauth, designed the USC. Dauth based the idea of the USC off the Swiss Army Knife. There is a central hub located just behind the handlebars, which the bike collapses around, folding small enough to fit in the truck of a Smart car in just a few steps. Read more

BERU Factor 001


The product of British engineering firm BERU F1 Systems, the Factor 001 very well might be the pinnacle of road bikes. Without having to comply to the regulations of any particular cycling series, BERU was able to start from scratch and design the bike the way they best saw fit. Read more

The B1K Concept

1 peugeot carbon fiber b1k bicycle concept

Peugeot design team tossed up a new concept called the B1K. Featuring a radical design, the futuristic bike touts the carbon fiber construction, together with chainless drivetrain. Read more

The CY-SPK227

sanyo_eneloop_bike_carbon 620x413

The CY-SPK227 is the world’s first electric bike with a carbon fiber frame. Targeting sports fanatics, the bike weighs 19.5kg and is 1,830mm long. Charge the 25.2V/5.7Ah lithium-ion battery for 3.5 hours, and the bike will let you drive for about 100km. Read more